Changes in the amino acid pool of cerebral hemispheres in rats with total cerebral ischemia

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Elizaveta I. Bon, Natalia Y. Maksimovich , Vitaly Y. Smirnov 1 , Evgeniy M. Doroshenko , Yuri E. Razvodovsky , Ekaterina V. Moroz , Elizaveta I. Vishnevskaya , Nikita V. Kokhan
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Objective: assessment of changes in the pool of amino acids (AA) in rats with totalcerebral ischemia (TCI).
Materials and Methods. Experiments were performed on 16 male outbred white rats weighing 260±20 g. TCI was modeled by decapitation of animals. Brain tissue was sampled 1 hour after decapitation.
Results. In the parietal lobe (PL) and hippocampus (HC) of TCIgroup animals 1 hour aftertheir decapitation, we detected an increase in the content of tyrosine (by 43%, p=0.044, and 40%, p=0.044, respectively) and tryptophan (by 24%, p=0. 036, and 23%, p=0.046, respectively). Similar trend was observed for methionine that increased by 32% in PL (p=0.046) and by 27% in HC (p=0.046). Analogous increase in the content of L-arginine was noted in PL and HC (by 20%, p=0.037, and 33%, p=0.037, correspondingly). Isoleucine content increased by 12% in PL (p=0.054), whilevaline content decreased by 15% in HC (p=0.053). The ratio of the combined total content of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) to the combined content of aromatic AA in TCI significantly declined from 1.4 to 1.0 in PL (p=0.053) and from 1.6 to 1.0 in GC (p=0.053). We observed an increase in methionine content by 33% (p=0.046) in PL and an increase in tryptophan content by 24% (p=0.046) in HC.
Conclusion. One-hour TCIcaused the following changes in the AA pool: an increase in the content of aromatic AA (tyrosine and tryptophan) and methionine; an increase in the content of L-arginine; and also, an increase in the concentration of the inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine.
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Bon EI, Maksimovich NYe, Smirnov VYu, Doroshenko EM, Razvodovsky YuE, Moroz EV, Vishnevskaya EI, Kokhan NV.
Changes in the amino acid pool of cerebral hemispheres in rats with total cerebral ischemia. Saratov Medical Journal 2023; 4 (4): e0401.
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About the Authors

Elizaveta I. Bon –PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Pathophysiology, 0000-0001-7189-0838.

Natalia Y. Maksimovich – DSc, Professor, Chair of the Department of Pathophysiology, ; 

Vitaly Y. Smirnov –PhD, Senior Researcher of the research laboratory, ; 

Evgeniy M. Doroshenko – PhD, Lead Researcher of the research laboratory, ; 

Yuri E. Razvodovsky – PhD, Head of the Division,; 

Ekaterina V. Moroz –Student, Grodno State Medical University,; 

Elizaveta I. Vishnevskaya – Student, Grodno State Medical University;

Nikita V. Kokhan –Student, Grodno State Medical University, ,  0009-0009-8000-803X.



Received 6  May, 2023, Accepted 24 November 2023