The position in relation to the authorship

All members of the group of authors should meet all four criteria of authorship set forth in the ICMJE recommendations: 1) concept and design development or data analysis and interpretation, and 2) manuscript justification or verification of critical intellectual content, and 3) final approval for publication of the manuscript, and 4) consent to be responsible for all aspects of the work, and assume that issues relating to the thoroughness and diligent execution of any part of the study submitted are duly investigated and resolved.

Large group of authors sign the authorship on behalf of the group with/without specifying the names of each of them. In this case, the manuscript is authorized by the responsible author, and the group is given a name. The list of names of non-authors, but persons who contributed to the submitted work, do not meet the criteria of authorship is presented separately.

Non-authors and contributors do not meet all four authorship criteria. Their functions may be: funding, General management of the research team, General administrative support, participation in writing, technical revision of the text, scientific revision of the text, correction and proofreading. Their contribution is noted individually or as part of a group in the Acknowledgements section, their contribution to the work must be defined in writing (scientific consultant, critical data analysis, data collection, etc.)